Publishing Conditions

- the description of game must be unique
- you need to had a similar site like us
- game size must be under 10MB and only .swf
- image size must be under 20KB and 160px width x 120px height format
- no advertising allowed (mochimedia, adsense etc.)

In order to successfully add a game to our website you have to, in return, add one of our own to yours or have a link/banner with our link in them. You can find our games here. With this being said we are looking forward to making new partnerships in the near future.

If all of this conditions are accomplished your game will be approved in maximum 24 hours.
Website Email:
Published game:

Publish a game from here and copy the link above
Max 10000 KB (swf, dcr)
Image (160x120px)
Max 20 KB (jpg, gif, png)